Monday, July 27, 2009

Madelyn is coming!!!!

This Jennifer's Mom, Tammie and I am posting for her. Sorry, I am not as entertaining as her but at least you will know what is happening.

She is at the hospital, her doctor admitted her with pre-eclampsia (pregnancy hypertension or--high blood pressure). They have her on IV's and bedrest. We will know more by tomorrow if her cervix is willing to open up or whether the doctor will have to do a c-section. We are all hoping for the cervix to wake up and start doing what it is supposed to do.

Jen and Josh are excited, but nervous. Josh's parents arrived this morning. Madelyn will have a very warm welcome when she arrives.

Jen or I will be posting on Facebook and on this blog, so stay tuned.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are close!

This is why I think so:

1. I was having a hard time getting to sleep last night because I was feeling really nauseous. It has not gone away all day.
2. I was walking the mall with Josh this morning and I had some pains that made me jump and stop moving. I actually started laughing because I thought I was going to break my water right in front of Wetzel's Pretzels. Not very appetizing for other mall dwellers...
3. I now know when I am contracting. It is getting more intense and she stretches out after each one.
4. I finally finished my thank you cards from the baby showers. God knew I wouldn't have time after she was here. Or I wouldn't want to write them.
5. I got my hair done today and no baby of mine is going to come when Mommy has roots!
6. And lastly, the new car is clean, filled with gas and stocked with beautiful floor mats that she can ruin with crushed Cheerios when she is old enough.

Now daddy just needs to pack his stuff and we are good to go!

Also, I was reading in John today, almost searching for something for God to tell me. I felt rather disappointed because nothing stood out to me as directly applicable to my life. For those of you who know me I am a huge Old Testament fan and usually do not have to "get" anything applicable out of my devotion. But since I have been so anxious, and in a bad mood, I wanted God to just calm me down. He did as soon as I started reading. That is the power of God's word for sure! But I still didn't get a verse to hold on to or anything that I could concentrate on over the next couple of days when I feel anxious. However it dawned on me as I sat down that I was reading about miracle. Jesus turned water into wine. He healed someone's son. He told the pharisees that they should destroy him and he will raise again after three days. He told the Samaritan woman all that she was. Jesus is just awesome and I so lucky to get to be called his child. And I can't thank Him enough for giving me this little girl. When she comes, the timing will be perfect. I waited three years for this, and God has taught me so much through the whole experience. So what is another couple of days, right? Just gives me more time to pray for a great, safe delivery.

The items above still hold true though! Can't wait to meet her!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our current status:

I went to the doctor yesterday and was very disappointed to hear that I have not started dilating at all.  I know my due date isn't until the 25th, but I was just bummed to not be making any progress at all.  I am still effaced about 50% he says.  I thought it was more last time I was in, but I might have misheard him.  All that to say, no baby yet.

On a positive note, I have been walking the malls like a crazy woman and should be in tip top shape to actually delivery her when she decides to come.  I pretty much walk Chandler Mall every morning and Fiesta Mall every night.  I think my fav is Fiesta since it is ghetto and very few people go there anymore.  Therefore, no one stares at me walking up and down the stairs a million times.  It does smell funky some days though...  I do look forward to the buns and thighs of steel I will have once the swelling goes down. :o)

Also, Josh and I went to lunch yesterday with Mark and Sarah at PF Chang's.  Surprisingly, out of 8 different numbers, Josh and I both had a 23 in our fortune.  So maybe you will be reading a much different blog entry on Thursday.  Who knows??  The chinese also said I was having a boy and if that happens at this point, he better like pink!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nursery is finished. Now where is my baby?!?!?

Okay.  So I know I put the whole room design together, and am a little bias, but these pictures do not do the room justice.  I am no photographer, but I feel like I can make a room pretty cozy.  I just want to rock my baby to sleep all day long in this room.  I love it!  Now I just need to have this baby!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty Belly

So I swear I have the best friends ever! I seriously feel like I can go out and compete against Heidi Klum at a Victoria's Secret show after all your amazing comments. Thanks everyone!

That being said, I just got my maternity pictures in the mail, compliments of Jennifer Bowen. We took them at the Royal Palms Resort when it was 111. I was so uncomfortable, but I think they turned out pretty nice. Good thing Jennifer is am amazing photographer! To see them all visit her website HERE, go to proofs, click on my maternity session and the password is Madeline09 (she didn't know her name is spelled Madelyn ;o).

Thanks again Jennifer for such amazing photos!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is what 200 pounds looks like. :o)

So I wish that I could lie (like some people), but I tend to be almost too honest. So yes, I have gained way too much weight.  This is what I look like 55 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant in November.  And with 15 days to go, my doctor has stopped giving me tips on eating right and has just starting laughing at me.  At least he is laughing!  Anyway, I wanted to certainly document this momentous occasion.  Here's to never being 200 pounds again though...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

37 weeks, and counting down...

Well here is what I am supposed to look like (if my baby wasn't huge like her mommy who has gained over 50 pounds). Anyway, we are counting down until little Madelyn is here. Josh comes home on Monday from Europe, and honestly I am cool if she comes Tuesday! They say babies are completely full term at 37 weeks. (Yay! We made it!!) Her lungs are developed to a point where she can function on her own outside of the womb and she is big enough, and long enough, to avoid the NICU. So with as hot and as uncomfortable as I have been the past couple of days, I am ready. Now we just have to wait for her to be ready, and this future fashionista (as Pauline called her) better not be fashionably late. :o)