Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy week...

Some fun things have happened in the past week.

She finally rolled over!! I couldn't find the video camera, so I tried to capture it in pictures. Now that she can do it though, she does it all the time. Our little girl is getting big and strong!
This is what she looked like when I realized she was not on her tummy when I put her down.

She continues to love her bumbo. She sits here while I am cooking and doing dishes a lot! She really likes it when I cook. So many things to watch I think.

We went to daddy's holiday concert. She ate through the first half and then slept through the last group. Josh said she tends to fall asleep when music is in tune. :o) But she woke up for the family pic. Loved her adorable outfit from our friend Erin!

We had our first official play date.
Masiey obviously did not like that...
They did better later in the day. Kim and I were saying bye to Alli and we looked over and saw them sharing the poodle. So cute!

All the girls: Maisey (7 weeks older than Miss M), Jillian (5 weeks older than Miss M), and Madelyn (aka Miss M).
All the kiddos: Sam, Maisey, Jillian, Madelyn, and Katherine.
K was singing lady Gaga and Sam decided to sing and dance along. It was hilarious!!!

She is totally teething. This is her favorite toy. And don't even ask her to play with the other six rings we have. She only likes the green square one! She held it through her entire bath!

She really likes to play with mommy's sugar cookies. She just couldn't get to them... This cracked me up!
And my favorite thing she does, is laugh. Josh is able to get it out of her all the time. So cute!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We love Gretchen!!

As most of you know, Gretchen (co-hostess of Miss M's shower, amazing person, wonderful wedding planner, and sweet aspiring photographer) offered to take our family pictures for the annual Christmas card. I wanted to do them outside so she can do fun things with the sunlight (like she did for Ella's baby pics). I also spent a lot of time figuring out a fun outfit combo that would go well with the really green grass by Gretchen's house. So the day came and the sun decided to go on vacation, Madelyn's outfit shrunk in the dryer, and my adorable happy baby was not very interested in taking pictures for at least half the photo shoot. Lucky for us, Gretchen still captured some pretty great moments. Thanks Gretchen!! You will have to wait to see which one we pick for the card. :o)

I think this is my favorite one. She is so sweet!! A little background info though, her thumb is constantly red due to this activity.

Josh said we needed two Gretchen's. One to make her do this (there's the smile we all love), and one to actually take the pictures.

These chair pictures just crack me up. She was so not into posing at this time.