Monday, February 23, 2009

It is all getting really REAL!

After this weekend things started getting even more real than last week.  As scared as I am about, well a lot of things, I am also getting very excited.  I can tell Josh is too.  He touches my belly more often, has been saying no to things at work that will require long term commitments and last night he even talked to the baby.  Like face in belly and everything.  It was really cute.  I guess we both are coming to the realization that life will never be the same, in a great way!!  Here are some of the things that happened this weekend.   

1.  Josh and I finished registering.  Apparently I forgot that I needed certain things like bottles and a head holder thing that goes in the car seat.  And oh yes, a car seat!  Duh!  There was a long list of things that after talking to current moms I realized I never thought of.  So if you have any more suggestions just holler.  You can access my registry here or at Babies R Us online.  I do not want to be the mom that takes the baby home from the hospital only to realize I do not have ______.  You know me!

2.  I was given a bassinet by a friend of mine.  It is so little.  Babies are really little!  And to think babies can sleep in that thing until they are like two months old.  Crazy!  Anyway, we put it in our soon to be nursery, the current guest room, and decided we have a lot of work to do over Spring Break!

3.  We also purchased our baby furniture.  Which also helped solidify the list of things we need to do over Spring Break. 
The Crib:
The dresser/changing table:
4.  We registered for birthing class.  An all day affair I guess.  We are supposed to bring lots of pillows, and I am going to add a stomach of steel.  I am not sure what to expect, but movies have ruined me!  Luckily it is on the Saturday after Spring Break.  So maybe we will feel more prepared???

5.  People really notice that I am pregnant.  My stomach went from soft and pudgy to hard as a rock over the past few weeks.  I think that is why I have been cramping every night.  But as people keep telling me, it gets worse!  But I like this part of being pregnant.  I didn't like the looks like you have gained ten pounds even though you throw up three times a day stage.  I like this, slightly nauseous, getting a hard round stomach, and feeling the baby move all the time stage.  Even Josh said I was looking big last night, and it didn't even bother me.  I just lifted my shirt and said I know!  Exciting!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't be scared for me!

Okay.  So I know I scared some of you by my last post.  I guess the actual baby stuff has come to a halt as of late so you are just stuck with me and my thoughts.  Scary I know.  Imagine being me. :o)  Anyway, I will have you all know that the last couple of days have been just fine.  I have been very busy with work, luckily with clients that I love!  And the baby has been growing and kicking as usual.  I went to Josh's jazz concert last night, which was made even more fun since Josh filled in for one of his students.  It is just nice to hear him play.  The baby really likes music.  They say that he daddy is supposed to talk to the baby everyday, at least twice a day.  Josh does, but I think the sound the baby will be familiar with the most is music.  Although, like mommy, I can tell the baby does not like clapping. He would be moving all around and then during the clapping, nothing.  I think it might be a little too scary of a sound right now.  Who knows???  It has been awhile since I have been in a uterus.  Then today was busy, but fun as I went to the grand ol Babies R Us for the third time this week, only to realize I forgot to register for bottles.  Oops!  Josh and I were working most of the night so we are a little tired.  I just wanted everyone to know I am fine.  

By the way, as I read over my rumblings I noticed I didn't even tell you one of the most horrifying things that happened on Tuesday.  I was leaving the Fertility Center where I picked up a print out of all we had spent in the last year (talk about a scary number) and as I got into the car I heard a buzzing sound.  I looked in the rear view window and I had a bee in my hair.  I immediately stopped the car and out I was shaking my poor little baby belly and messing up my hair like an idiot.  Only to realize that there were about five car fulls of people walking either into the FTC or out.  Figures... :o)   Maybe one of these days I will not be terrified of bugs.  But that day is not Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Bad Day (I warned you)

It all started when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, literally.  I was up until about 2:00 am stressing about all kinds of stuff.  It is funny because I literally just got done with a bible study over stress.  Maybe I can stress about what a bad Christian I am next!  Anyway, I think all the baby reality just finally got to me.  It has been all fun and games until Josh and I registered.  I realized then how much money babies cost, and most of that stuff is only for the first couple of years.  What am I going to do when they are 16, wanting designer jeans and cars???  Anyway, I got to thinking about all the things we need to do to our house to make it ready for baby.  And then I got to thinking about how I wish we had a bigger house.  Not going to happen in this economy.  But then I got to thinking about our poor baby in the future.  You know the say that Josh and I's generation is the first generation that will not necessarily do better than their parents financially.  So if I think I am stressed, wait until me little child has children of their own!  So go the thoughts that kept me up last night (and since it is almost midnight, have apparently not gone away.)  Anyway, back to today and Josh's pillow...

In case you didn't know, I have a thing for pillows.  I think they are gross and I do not like people touching my pillow.  Especially if they put their dirty hair and greasy face on it.  Well being as tired as I was this morning I must have migrated from my side of the bed when Josh left for school.  So I woke up (thanks to the lovely landscapers) to cats hair in my mouth and Josh's hair gel smell in my nose.  Not a good start, but not something I would normally be mad about.  I decided I was not going to fight the leave blowers going to town outside my window.  So I got up, grabbed my current breakfast of choice, brown sugar pop-tarts, and turned on the Today Show.  After watching the special on men dying from heart disease about cried.  They talked about men harboring so much stress that they develop heart disease and eventually have heart attacks and die.  Some around the age of 50!  After they practically read me my husband's list of symptoms over the past few months I felt very defeated.  We were not only going to struggle taking care of our children, but if my husband didn't get rid of some of his stress ASAP, I would struggle alone in about 25 years.  It was then that the TV went off and I jumped into the shower.  At least warm water was able to relax me for awhile.  But then I had to get going to the dermatologists.  I read in one of my many pregnancy books that moles can change while you are pregnant.  If they do you are supposed to go in and have them checked immediately.  Josh thought I should get one checked out on my back (since he had seen it change while giving me shots in the hip over the past three months).  So I did and sure enough they adorable little nurse practitioner had to go get the head honcho to look at two of my spots.  He decided the one on my chest needed to come off today but the one on my back was too close to the spine to remove while with child.  So when baby is born I get to go back and have another thing removed.  Nothing like skin cancer to get your worry meter going again.  So I did what I thought would cheer me up.  I got a bagel and lemonade at Einstein's and went shopping at Babies R Us. This actually was a highlight of my day because I was able to buy one of my friends an adorable little outfit for her baby girl.  And a cute pink rubber ducky that tells you when the water is the right temperature for baby.  But it seemed like all fun was lost when I went to go check out.  I very upset grandma was yelling at the cashier because the dress she was trying to buy said 50% off but it was ringing full price.  Next line...  Apparently this lady set her 250 dollar diaper bag on the floor of the bathroom only to realize that a toilet had overflowed and had soaked not only the entire floor, but now her bag.  Next line...  Whew.  Got the dress, the ducky and ran out of there.  Nothing like mad people to bring your stress level up again.  So I went home, worked a little bit and then got a call from Josh saying he was almost home.  Which meant we were about an hour away from going to the accountant for our 2008 taxes and my spreadsheet was still not complete.  How I lost track of time I do not know.  But I was full speed ahead for that half hour.  Josh and I got everything together and left for the accountant which, according to the address was on Southern Ave.  We got to Southern Ave, and after 10 minutes of walking around and not seeing any CPAs we decided to call.  I guess they had moved and forgot to tell us.  So we were 45 minutes late to our tax appointment.  Really to end your day with a tax appointment is already a drag, but to be late and not get to eat dinner before you have to go to worship practice is even worse for a preggo girl like me.  I need my food!  Luckily I got to go to worship practice.  That was fun!  I even got to talk fun baby stuff with Kim and give her my gift for her and Brian's baby girl.  Then I got home and checked my email.  After already being mad about my doctor making me wait until 20 weeks for the ultra sound. I have found out the three of my friends, some due after me, know what their little "it" is.  And tonight I got an email from a photographer I work with who is due in the middle of AUGUST and she finds out the 3rd of March.  Two days before me!!!  All my relaxation was out the window.  So now I have vented to you and hopefully will be able to sleep.  If not, you all know why. :o)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby is 17 weeks old!

So I love looking at these emails from Baby Center. They also tell you cool things that are happening right now in Baby Thye's life.

- Skeleton is turning into hard bones from cartilage (which makes sense since I can feel the kicks more each day).

- Baby is getting fine hair.

- Fingerprints and toe prints are forming.

- Teeth are beginning to form (note to self: must drink milk this week!)

Here is what the baby looks like:

By the way, you can comment on the blog entries even if you are not a blog member. I took that limitation off a long time ago, but I thought I would let everyone know. We love to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Thye is 16 weeks old!

So the most exciting thing that has happened to me thus far has been feeling the baby move. I am not sure if I will always feel the way am I now when he is kicking into my ribs at 9 months, but so far it has just been divine. It is like he is coloring on the walls on my uterus, his hands and feet are just so tiny. It is really is amazing. Here is a picture of how big the baby is right now.

Judging from this picture I am assuming my baby is also facing outward. Either that or his head is on my left side and his feet on my right. I feel the little tickling all over the middle and right side of my tummy. My mom told me that Grandma Mackie used to say it felt like little butterfly wings flapping inside the uterus, and boy was she right! Plus, our baby is either going to be an Olympian or ADD because he moves all the time. When I don't feel him move I stress out thinking something is wrong. Especially if I am cramping. But every time I get that way I feel the little butterfly wings and sigh. It is all okay! I just can't wait until Josh can feel too.

On another note, I am recording a special on National Geographic called "In the Womb". It airs on February 28th. So if you are at all interested (for all my preggo friends out there) watch it. My friend Grecthen said she kept it on her TIVO until Grace was one and a half it was so good!

Lastly, I am scheduled for the 19 week ultrasound. Josh and I go in on March 5th at 4:30 to see if we are indeed having a little him or a her. So if you haven't yet, vote now. We will see who really wins (no saying I told you so if you don't vote!) I just can't wait until we know so I can register, pick nursery furniture out, name the thing, and start having showers planned for either or. Those things, and looking pregnant, have really started getting me excited. I guess God's timing is always perfect. If I would have known sooner I would just be anxious to have the baby in my arms and not my stomach.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Friday

Finally I got to go to the doctor yesterday.  After having to reschedule three times, I got in t 9:15 in the morning.  For someone who is sick every morning that was not an ideal time, but I got through okay.  There were good and bad things about this appointment.  The first thing they do when you arrive is give a urine sample.  Now I am not huge yet, but I got to thinking that I can only imagine that this process is going to get more difficult as mobility and sight start to lessen.  It made me giggle, until I had to get on the scale.  Now that is nothing to giggle at!  It is right there in your face.  You are a loser and have gained way more weight than you should have in the past month.  They say the general rule of thumb is to gain a pound a week.  If I do my math correctly that is 40 pounds, for the 40 weeks.  But I think they cut out the first trimester all together as you are not supposed to gain any weight at that time.  So they drop it down to 35 pounds total.  Yeah right!  So I was feeling pretty down on myself until the doctor came in.  Then it got worse...  He said that he thought I was sick everyday.  I told him that there have only been four days that I have not been sick this entire pregnancy.  But that when I get sick, about half the time the stomach is empty.  I think my baby is scarfing food like there is not tomorrow!  (Not even kidding he just kicked me right now. :o)  Anyway, I think my doctor thinks I am a liar.  But I know the truth.  Truth is I am not eating well.  I can only keep down things that are bad for me: chips, pasta, bread, bagels (like two at a time), cookies, ice cream, shall I go on?  What I can't eat are things like salad, any vegetable, fruit (except for strawberries), yogurt, meat, pretty much anything they tell you to in the books.  Oh the books...  The doctor said that was okay for now and that some woman do not get relief from sickness until week sixteen.  Well check your chart buddy because if I am not feeling better here real fast I think I might scream/go into a deep depression/kill someone!  The good news is the baby is doing really well.  The uterus measured exactly what is should.  And the heart beat was steady at 149.  Which, according to Kim, is further proof I am having a boy.  On that note, the most disappointing thing about the doctors visit was the scheduling of my 20 week (which I am totally going to try and do at 18) ultrasound.  They said they were not scheduling that far in advance, which was four weeks from now.  I thought that was weird, so I think they had a computer problem, or their office manager was gone, or something.  Anyway, they said they would call me to schedule an appointment.  So no news on that front.  But, hello!  Someone better call me soon.  Don't they know this is my first baby and this girl is getting anxious!!
After the appointment with Dr. Seymann I met up with my friend Kim for lunch and baby shopping.  We had a blast checking out a couple different stores.  We started at Walmart, then went to Rocker World, then off to Babies R Us.    I got to laughing when we were in Babies R Us because we had done more sitting in glider chairs than actual shopping al day.  Nevertheless we did find some pretty cool stuff, and got some sound advice from this nice new mom feeding her son in the glider section (yep, our favorite section.)  I think we have both decided that we are going to register at Babies R Us.  That store is crazy big and has so many choices.  I hated it as a consumer shopping for others, but it is so practical for me now that I want all the cool things!

While we were at Babies R Us, I spotted a couple of things that I thought daddy should buy baby and me.  It said in one of my books for the dad to buy surprise gifts for mom and baby when they aren't expecting it.  I have read this to my poor husband a couple of times, to which I have gotten nothing.  So I decided to use his bank account to buy a couple of things and let him give it to me.  That might be better than hinting.  Plus, I do not want to buy the baby anything until I know the sex.  So I got a body pillow and baby got a couple of onesies.  How cute are these?

Note: I am a sucker for anything on the butt of an outfit.  

And like we need to tell you our baby is going to be cute!

After hanging  out with Kim I went for a pedicure (which I haven't gotten since Nov, yikes!) and manicure.  It is amazing how unattractive you can feel until you have pretty pink nails. :o)  Then a quiet night with Josh.  (Which, by the way, he really liked what he got us.)  We ate pasta and caught up on our LOST episodes.  All in all, a good day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I look pregnant not fat!!!

So today was a good day, once I figured out what was happening...

I met a friend of mine for breakfast this morning and I ordered a hot chocolate.  The waiter looked at me and said, "Do you crave hot chocolate a lot?"  Puzzled I responded, "No."  Then I was walking away from my afternoon meeting and this lady was just staring at me.  I felt even more awkward once I noticed she was also following me.  But as I approached my car I look over to make sure she was not going to jump me, and she had the biggest smile on her face.  I was like, weirdo!  Then I went to a walk through at a local venue and the lady at the cafe offered me a free snack.  She looked at me funny and said, "Well, you must be hungry." I can't explain to you what I was feeling, but it was one of those things that I seriously thought the stars were out of alignment or something.  Their faces are etched in my brain because they just struck me as off.  It wasn't until I went to Paradise Bakery and saw a former student of mine that I realized what was happening with these weirdo woman.  She looked at me and said, "So Amanda was right, you are having a baby."  That was when it dawned on my stupid baby brain.  I look pregnant!!!  Yay!!  My joy was even more complete when I saw our friends Karen and Bill at dinner and the first words out of their mouth was that I had a little belly.  And I believe Karen said I looked really good and fat.  I think that was a compliment...  Then I went to my mom's house after dinner and both of my sister's, including my sister's husband's Mike, were over and they all said I was looking good and pregnant.  I just had to take a moment and sigh.  I think the really awkward days are over.  I finally look more pregnant than fat.  Smile!!!  And since my husband is not home (surprise, surprise) I had to take a picture myself.  Note:  I was wearing a much cuter dress today than the pj's in the picture.  But I had to share.  Today was a big day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I will take the good with the bad.

We all know that life is full of good and bad things.  My life is no exception, as you will see.  Some are pregnancy related and some are not.  But here is a list of things that have been a part of my week.  We will start with the bad and end with the good. 

- My favorite red shoes broke.  Made me feel really good about myself.  You know.  Breaking shoes...
- I finished of my can of salt and vinegar Pringles.  Which surprisingly is a snack I can keep down.
- I gained two more pounds. :o(
- The Cards lost the Super Bowl.  

- I found a pair of maternity jeans for 30 dollars that are actually not that bad.
- I super-glued my red shoes back together and wore them to the Cardinals party we hosted.  Let's hope they stay put together. 
- I have not thrown up in three days.  This on is huge!!!!
- I have felt the baby everyday for a week.  It is like a little hand is inside my belly trying to tickle me.  Very weird, but so cool!!

I am sure there were more, but those were the big ones.

I have an appointment with Dr. Seymann this Thursday and he will schedule the ultrasound where Josh and will find out the sex of baby (if his decides to cooperate).  I am currently not making any more guesses as I am totally confused and have no strong feelings one way or the other.  I really thought that it is a boy, but now I am starting to think it is a girl.  So I am not making any bets.  Most likely it will be a girl since Josh and I cannot decide on a girl name.  That would be our luck.  But I will keep you posted!!