Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11 months- almost one year!!

So I do not have an 11 month picture to show you since Josh is not here to help me take it. I will get one though, next week. She just wants to crawl off the chair and eat the paper. Way too much to handle while taking a photo. But I cannot believe she is almost a year old! The 11 month mark is kind of overshadowed by this fact. And I know I always say it, but time is flying! She is growing up! I know I am going to blink and she will be graduating from college. Wow, I might pass out...

Anyway, we didn't do a ton differently this past month. She is still crawling, EVERYWHERE! I think she is so close to walking too. We will see how long until that happens. Everyone with little kids sees her and tells me so. But I am not buying it some days. She is still very wobbly. She has this little push car that she walks behind, only in straight lines though. Very funny when she hits a dead end. She just stands there waiting for someone to turn her around. Today I just let her stand there just to see how long it would take until she got mad. Surprisingly, it took a long time. Then I just felt mean.

She is feeding herself with a fork and if it the cereal is thick she can get a spoon to her mouth. So that has been fun. Messy, but fun.

She officially has four top teeth and two bottom ones. So I am trying to get her to eat more "real" food. This doesn't work out very often, but I try. However, as you will see in the slide show below, she got a hold of a package of cookies and had no problem opening them up and stuffing them in her mouth. This literally took like two seconds. I guess the girl likes her some cookies. I don't blame her... So b-day cake will be the second sweet snack she will taste.

My favorite things she continues to do is climb stairs and blow kisses. When she climbs stairs her little butt just moves back and forth and she is so happy. I can't help but let her do it. Plus it wears her out! And the other day she was riding in the stroller through the mall blowing kisses to everyone like she was Miss America. It was hilarious. Plus she doesn't understand that the smacking of the lips makes the sound, so she just goes "uhhh" every time she pulls her hand away. Very cute.

Well Little Miss M, your big one year is almost here. I can't wait to celebrate! Love you!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More milestones...

We finally captured some more milestones on video. Here is a video of her pointing and saying, "Who's that?" We play this game often.

And she is officially crawling. This isn't the best video, but it shows the love between her and daddy. So that is cute.

Pulling herself up on her own:

And trolling around in her walker. This video gets me laughing every time. Love the part where she plays peek a boo. Watch out! I think walking is next... Yikes!