Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More milestones...

We finally captured some more milestones on video. Here is a video of her pointing and saying, "Who's that?" We play this game often.


And she is officially crawling. This isn't the best video, but it shows the love between her and daddy. So that is cute.


Pulling herself up on her own:


And trolling around in her walker. This video gets me laughing every time. Love the part where she plays peek a boo. Watch out! I think walking is next... Yikes!



Anonymous said...

Is that how we'll be in our walkers?

Mrs Bic said...

too cute! Miss you guys!

The Richardson's said...

Glad you are getting some quality family time in!!

Majorek Family said...

Such a big girl!

Family time is so precious these days!

The Vehons said...

Good thing she has 15 more years before she drives. M is a speed racer!