Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Shower Weekend

So I guess I am getting progressively worse at this blogging thing.  I have just been so busy between work and baby prep that I really don't even have time to think, much less blog.  And believe me, you want me to think before I speak.  :o)

But, I had such an amazing weekend I had to share some of it really quick.  Then I have to get to bed.  Thank you to everyone who came to the shower, brought amazing gifts for sweet little Madelyn, and helped throw such a great party.  My friend Melissa (who luckily is also an amazing photographer) posted some pictures of the fabulous day on her blog.  Go here to see them.   

Lastly I wanted to say a special thank you to Brooke and Hank for coming down to visit.  Funny story... I woke up on Friday morning, went to my massage therapist (who totally kicked my butt, but that is besides the point), came home to the family eating breakfast and Cheri (my Mother in Law) says to me that she needs to know what the plans are for the day because that is her personality.  Knowing that it is not her personality to want to plan the day when she was on vacation I knew something was up.  So I said to her that I knew she had something planned or else she wouldn't be so concerned about the plans for the day.  She said to me that she has friends in town that would like to meet us around 6:00.  After my shower I got to thinking, who are these friends.  Josh said they were people that they knew a long time ago from Bethany (thus the reason they didn't know me.)  I thought it was a little weird that in the short four days they were here that we have to meet and entertain random friends instead of preparing for the shower, but I was fine with it.  After rushing from set up at Gretchen's house to get home for these "friends" I was a little flustered.  I felt hot and dirty and wanted to change before I met people for the first time, but when we got home she said they were already inside.  So I walked in, and to my most pleasant surprise I saw Brooke (Josh's cousin and my friend) sitting in my living room.  I wish I could have seen my face because I know I was shocked.  Then I saw that Hank was there too.  They had come into town for the shower and were ready to go to dinner with us.  I was shocked!  I was so happy to see them and even more impressed at the level of secrecy the family was able to keep.  Sneaky little Brooke even called em the day before and said she was thinking of me and knew I understood why she couldn't come to the shower.  Little liar! :o)   My only regret is that there were so many people at the shower that I didn't get to talk to her more on Saturday.  Luckily we had such an amazing night at Oregano's on Friday.  Here are a few pictures of us having fun.  Thanks for coming guys!!  You have no idea how much I loved seeing you.  That story will last in my mind forever!! 

Brooke and I waiting for our table.

Josh, Me, Brooke, and Hank after dinner.

Josh, Cheri, Me, Dave, Brooke, and Hank after a great dinner and good time!! 


Aaron and Jean said...

It was a beautiful shower! You have wonderful friends Jenni, so glad you were pampered and spoiled and had a wonderful weekend. That surprise reminds me of my 21st birthday where you guys surprised me at dinner and then came back to my house for an even bigger surprise...50 people standing in my living room! I'll never forget it either. ;0) You definitely made that birthday memorable.

Aaron and Jean said...

Hooray, I was so excited to see my gift made it on one of the posted pictures!

Josh and Jenni said...

Ahh! Thanks Jeanie. And I LOVE your gift. It is going to go in a special place above her door frame. :o)