Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are close!

This is why I think so:

1. I was having a hard time getting to sleep last night because I was feeling really nauseous. It has not gone away all day.
2. I was walking the mall with Josh this morning and I had some pains that made me jump and stop moving. I actually started laughing because I thought I was going to break my water right in front of Wetzel's Pretzels. Not very appetizing for other mall dwellers...
3. I now know when I am contracting. It is getting more intense and she stretches out after each one.
4. I finally finished my thank you cards from the baby showers. God knew I wouldn't have time after she was here. Or I wouldn't want to write them.
5. I got my hair done today and no baby of mine is going to come when Mommy has roots!
6. And lastly, the new car is clean, filled with gas and stocked with beautiful floor mats that she can ruin with crushed Cheerios when she is old enough.

Now daddy just needs to pack his stuff and we are good to go!

Also, I was reading in John today, almost searching for something for God to tell me. I felt rather disappointed because nothing stood out to me as directly applicable to my life. For those of you who know me I am a huge Old Testament fan and usually do not have to "get" anything applicable out of my devotion. But since I have been so anxious, and in a bad mood, I wanted God to just calm me down. He did as soon as I started reading. That is the power of God's word for sure! But I still didn't get a verse to hold on to or anything that I could concentrate on over the next couple of days when I feel anxious. However it dawned on me as I sat down that I was reading about miracle. Jesus turned water into wine. He healed someone's son. He told the pharisees that they should destroy him and he will raise again after three days. He told the Samaritan woman all that she was. Jesus is just awesome and I so lucky to get to be called his child. And I can't thank Him enough for giving me this little girl. When she comes, the timing will be perfect. I waited three years for this, and God has taught me so much through the whole experience. So what is another couple of days, right? Just gives me more time to pray for a great, safe delivery.

The items above still hold true though! Can't wait to meet her!!


Mairvin and Pals said...

I'm thinking of you and sending warm wishes of dilation and contraction! I hope the love of all of those around you leaves you warm, secure and relaxed, ready for your hard work!

Tigo and Emily said...

I will be thinking of you as well! Sad I won't be able to come to hospital bearing gifts!:) Can't wait to see you when I get back! You will do awesome!

Michelle said...

We are so excited for you both! You will be in our thoughts and prayers for a great delivery. Can't wait to see little Madelyn!

Hillary Thye said...

All I have to say to that post is "BINGO!". (And it made me smile, but that doesn't count as a comment.)

Sarah said...

no matter what she will be here in 1 week and 2 days...that is awesome!!! Hope you continue to feel like things are moving along!!!

My new bet is that you will go into labor right as Josh gets up to band camp and unpacks, haha.

See you soon!!! If Josh does end up leaving and you want someone to drive you up to camp to hang for an afternoon, I would LOVE the excuse to get out of the heat. I will drive you!! Also- what car did you get?

Janice... Just Write said...

O.K. I'm going to confess, just like "EB" from your last post, that I am following your blog too. I am just so excited for you and Josh that I couldn't help myself. I have enjoyed the journey, thus far, and can't wait to hear about "the arrival." I thought it might encourage you to know that you have another person holding you, Josh, and Madelyn in prayer. Janice Ewbank : )

The Vehons said...

Sounds like she's definately getting ready for her big debut! Áfterall, that is what princesses do :) Can't wait for her to come although I think the staff at the mall are going to miss your daily visits :)

Mattie said...

I would have enjoyed hearing that your water broke in front of Wetzels Pretzels. It would have made a great story! Just wait till those contractions REALLY make you stop in your tracks...that's fun!

By the way...who's going to be your labor update poster on Facebook?!