Monday, September 28, 2009

Some fun videos!

I have to thank my mom and step dad for buying me this amazing video camera.  It is called a flip camera.  It is so nice and small that I always have it in the diaper bag.  And it is really easy to use.  I just flip it open and record.  Then I just flip it open and download into this blog.  I love it!  Thanks guys (especially Dale who knew I wanted one and searched until he found one for me.)  So here are some fun videos I have captured over the past week:

She is already starting to talk to me.

And she talks to her toys.  She really likes the brown bear!

I am obviously a bad mom.  Instead of fixing the head band I just sat there and giggled.  What can I say?  Her head is too big for baby head bands, and too small for these ones.  :o)

She is doing really well watching things too.

And cutest of all, she snores!  Listen closely...

I love this girl!!


Dawn Jurgensmeier said...

Oh my gosh...that snoring one is so adorable! She's precious!

Sarah said...

How handy! Now if Mark would just get my video camera up and working...I took too many videos and now our camera (with an internal hard drive) is full.

I am like you and just video tape every little moment.

So cute!

Jen said...

She just gets cuter and cuter! Baby coos are the best sounds in the world. I think she's just working on her singing voice so she can sing as beautifully as mommy. :o) I love the snoring video too, too sweet!


Anne LoGrasso said...

So cute!!!

Mattie said...

First of have a "fancy" baby swing. Second, I love that you just left her sleeping with the handband on her face! Third, I think it's funny that you call it a brown hear on the bounce; we have the same one but we call it a monkey. Lastly, I love that Madelyn loves the bear; Evan hates the monkey!

Anonymous said...

i've shit perttier things. your baby is so ugly you have to cover the milk to keep it from curdleing. your baby is so ugly micky called in sick just because he heard madelyn was visiting. minnie had her babymaker removed. florida bit itself off hoping it float away. by the way, if you throw the ugly thing in water does it flost like a turd?
my madelyn is truly beautiful. so there.