Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Week

We have had a lot of fun the past couple of days.  I decided that we need to get out of the house now that the weather is nice (er).  First item on the list, get a zoo membership.  Check!  Here is Madelyn and I at the zoo for the first time.  She was more interested in eating than looking at animals. 
So we went back with daddy since he is on Fall Break from school.  We went again today with the Richardson's.  So much fun!

Last Tuesday Josh's band competed at The Corona Invitational.  Since I have weddings every Saturday I haven't gotten to see the show.  This was my, and Madelyn's first band competition.  A big thank you to Paulette and Wes for bringing her since I was at a meeting.  Miss Madelyn loves going to the Worden's house.  She just melts when she is with Wes.

And then we have lots of fun videos for when we are at home.  I will try to be better about not thinking my child is the cutest thing ever, but it is really hard when she does these things:

Yells at her animal friends.

Kicks her "Happy Feet".

And grabs her toys so she can eat them.  Which I thought was very advanced for e two and a half month old.  I seriously tripped three times running to get this on video.  


Mrs Bic said...

I can't imagine WHY on earth you would ever want to stop thinking YOUR baby is the cutest thing ever! Of COURSE she is!

Aaron and Jean said...

She just keeps on getting cuter!

Sarah said...

that is your job as mom- to always think your kids is the cutest on earth.

The Boones said...

She's adorable! =) And you look beautiful! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!