Sunday, June 28, 2009

Madelyn attends her last wedding in mommy's belly.

Since Josh and I got preggers with Madelyn on November 4th, she has attended over a dozen weddings. But last night was really a blast! My good friend Emily and her husband Santiago got hitched in Mexico on November 1st, 2008. To celebrate with all their family and friends who could not make the trek down to the wedding, they held a reception in their honor at Cezar's in Scottsdale. It was really a fun night, despite my husband not being their to have fun with me. But the best part of the night, besides the amazing food and super fun dancing, was the photo booth. I use this company a lot for my weddings. You take 6 pictures total, place three of them in a scrap book for the happy couple, and then keep the other three for yourself as a party favor. Emily helped me out at one of my weddings in May and saw how fun it was so she hired them to come to her reception too. Here is us in May.

For Emily's wedding though, I took my pictures with Julia and Melissa. We gave the best three to Emily and Santiago, but I was crying I was laughing so hard after we took these. My Madelyn belly barely fit in the booth with two other grown woman, but boy was it fun!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Closer

I can hardly believe it but, ready or not, four weeks from today I will have Miss Madelyn in my arms. WOW! Just had to share since I am getting so excited!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is amazing!

I just had to share this with everyone... chubby feet! I was having a hard time getting my swelling to go down so I took this picture to texted it to my three moms to see what they suggested.

Soon after, they got worse (I have no picture of that). Anyway, my mom was not happy when she saw me for dinner that night. She really just wanted me home with my feet up. She is very worried that I might get pre-eclamsia. But then the next day they got a little bit better, followed by a lot worse! While we were packing for Josh to leave I literally had to lay down with my feet almost straight in the air to relieve the pain. So after taking Josh to the airport at 5:30 am on Sunday, I decided I would watch my free movie channels all day and just keep my feet up. I barley even ate. But look at them now.

Whew! I was starting to think I was going to have fat feet forever. And try not to be too jealous of the beautiful pedicure I got today at the Arizona Grand Spa. Thanks Dianna and Melissa!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Madelyn is a little stinker!

This morning I went in for my ultra sound to verify the baby's breech position for the c-section. As soon as the technician put the monitor on my stomach she said, "Well, the head is down." I was in shock! I have been agonizing over this for weeks now. Very quickly I went from mad to extremely happy. I really was not excited about major abdominal surgery. I was ready to do what was necessary, but it still was not my preference. Nevertheless, it is no longer an issue. Now I just get to wait, like all other first time mommys, for that blessed baby to decide she wants to come out into the real world. After seeing her current weight at 6 pounds, 7 ounces, I am hoping for that day to be sooner rather than later. This baby could be huge! But she is so adorable I don't care.

Here is her cute little profile:

This is Josh's favorite picture of her. He put it on his phone and I am pretty sure he showing the entire world he thought she was so cute.

This is my favorite picture of her from today's "photo shoot". Precious!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Birth Plan

Today I had another appointment with Dr. Seymann and we had to talk about our "options" since little Miss Madelyn is still breech.  After going over every detail with the doctor and speaking to Josh on the phone (since he was setting up for the rehearsals that take place over the next three days before he leaves on Sunday for the 16-day Europe trip) I have decided to write a new birth plan.

Our Birth Plan:
1.  Screw birth plans!  
2. Have healthy baby by whatever means necessary.  
3. Preferably when husband is actually in town...  
4. Try not to piss me off when I am in the hospital.
The End!  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So, how are you doing?

I basically get this question about ten times a day.  I am doing fine.  I actually think I am doing great!  I am a nervous wreck.  I have major mood swings (my poor husband).  I do not sleep without getting numb legs.  I cannot eat without feeling like I am going to explode.  I am so swollen I hardly recognize myself and various body parts.  I cannot breathe when I lay on my side, but am too far along to lay on my back.  She is still breach!  Ahhhh!  And as I am "nesting" my to do list keeps growing and my energy level gets lower and lower.  But, I am getting so excited to see her!  Josh and I both are getting excited!  We have no idea how life will change after she gets here, but so far we have managed with all the pregnancy changes that I think we will figure it out.  Keep us in your prayers.  I will try to have more exciting news up soon. :o)      

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Shower Weekend

So I guess I am getting progressively worse at this blogging thing.  I have just been so busy between work and baby prep that I really don't even have time to think, much less blog.  And believe me, you want me to think before I speak.  :o)

But, I had such an amazing weekend I had to share some of it really quick.  Then I have to get to bed.  Thank you to everyone who came to the shower, brought amazing gifts for sweet little Madelyn, and helped throw such a great party.  My friend Melissa (who luckily is also an amazing photographer) posted some pictures of the fabulous day on her blog.  Go here to see them.   

Lastly I wanted to say a special thank you to Brooke and Hank for coming down to visit.  Funny story... I woke up on Friday morning, went to my massage therapist (who totally kicked my butt, but that is besides the point), came home to the family eating breakfast and Cheri (my Mother in Law) says to me that she needs to know what the plans are for the day because that is her personality.  Knowing that it is not her personality to want to plan the day when she was on vacation I knew something was up.  So I said to her that I knew she had something planned or else she wouldn't be so concerned about the plans for the day.  She said to me that she has friends in town that would like to meet us around 6:00.  After my shower I got to thinking, who are these friends.  Josh said they were people that they knew a long time ago from Bethany (thus the reason they didn't know me.)  I thought it was a little weird that in the short four days they were here that we have to meet and entertain random friends instead of preparing for the shower, but I was fine with it.  After rushing from set up at Gretchen's house to get home for these "friends" I was a little flustered.  I felt hot and dirty and wanted to change before I met people for the first time, but when we got home she said they were already inside.  So I walked in, and to my most pleasant surprise I saw Brooke (Josh's cousin and my friend) sitting in my living room.  I wish I could have seen my face because I know I was shocked.  Then I saw that Hank was there too.  They had come into town for the shower and were ready to go to dinner with us.  I was shocked!  I was so happy to see them and even more impressed at the level of secrecy the family was able to keep.  Sneaky little Brooke even called em the day before and said she was thinking of me and knew I understood why she couldn't come to the shower.  Little liar! :o)   My only regret is that there were so many people at the shower that I didn't get to talk to her more on Saturday.  Luckily we had such an amazing night at Oregano's on Friday.  Here are a few pictures of us having fun.  Thanks for coming guys!!  You have no idea how much I loved seeing you.  That story will last in my mind forever!! 

Brooke and I waiting for our table.

Josh, Me, Brooke, and Hank after dinner.

Josh, Cheri, Me, Dave, Brooke, and Hank after a great dinner and good time!!