Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7 months already!!!

Seven is a good number! It is the number of years Josh and I have been married and the number of months our little daughter is. At seven months Madelyn is just getting cuter and cuter everyday. I am not even sure the pictures and videos can do her justice. She is just amazing! I had the opportunity to sit and just watch her play with her toys for an hour and I was in awe at how much she is maturing and getting such a personality.

Here are some cool things she is up to:
1. She has eaten the following foods- carrots, avocados, pears, apples, zucchini, squash, apricots, and green beans. Next we will try peas and bananas.
2. She has two bottom teeth and the top two are coming soon. They are already blistering.
3. She loves to read, play with toys that light up, and chew on everything!
4. She is becoming very independent during the day but is extremely dependent at night. During the day she plays with her toys and only wants to be held if she is eating. At night she doesn't want to be put down at all. It is really sweet except I have to make sure I have everything I need to have done for the night by 5:00 or I go crazy trying to juggle everything!
5. She is learning that she wants to move. Soon, I think she will actually be learning how to move. But I am in no hurry!

Here are some pictures from the past month.
  • You will see the funny "old man" face she makes now that she feels her teeth.
  • She also celebrated her first Valentine's Day. She got fun blocks from the Worden's as you will see in the pictures.
  • And then she got fun presents from Grandpa and Grandma Thye as you will see in the video below. She also got sweet Valentine's cards from Haley and Lexi.

Madelyn, Arianna and Ella all played at the park. Mad liked the toys the best though.

Ari spent the night with us while Josh was in Flagstaff. She read M a book after breakfast. You can see how much she likes books. Even if she can't eat them. :o)

That is what we have been up to this past month. Much more to come in the next month: first ski trip, spring break and more!!! Love you M!!


The Richardson's said...

Cuteness! Looks like you have all been having lots of fun. I totally sympathize with you on the nighttime thing- Matthew just needed us during the night. ugh.

don't worry- when she finally learns how to sleep through the night it will be all the more special for you!!! I swear- 14 months was forever, but I never take a good nights sleep for granted now!!

Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

The Boones said...

She's adorable!!! Love seeing how things have progressed, you were only 2 months pregnant the last time I saw you. 2 of my close friends are now pregnant. No, Jackie is not one of them.

Julia Z. said...

I noticed the biggest difference in her between the 6 and 7 month pics! Also - that "old man" face is hilarious! That's exactly what it looks like. :-)

Aaron and Jean said...

Oh Jenni, she is such a doll! And yes, our little girls are kindred spirits. I feel like we have the same baby sometimes. When I read about the things she's doing and see pictures, I feel like I'm reading about and looking at Therese. It's too bad we don't live closer together because I think they would be really great friends. Or perhaps there would be a lot of fighting, both trying to be the center of attention. She looks great and you look great. We should plan another hang out very soon. Love you!

The Sprinkle's said...

What an amazing family! You still look as beautiful as always! I got your blog from Molly's! I love that you keep up with yours so well! You have an amazing daughter! Enjoy every moment right now...it will FLY BY and before you know it you will be on #2! Come check out my family at www.littlesprinkle.blogspot.com

It was sooo good to read and catch up with you this way!!