Monday, April 12, 2010

San Diego Trip and Playtime with Ella

San Diego is by far Josh and I's favorite place to visit. It is about a five hour drive away, can be inexpensive and is always beautiful! While we are there we love to go to Sea World. We also love the zoo and have been wanting to go to the wild life park for awhile now. We just haven't gotten to everything the city has to offer since we also just love to hang out on the beach, eat meals on the pier and stroll on the boardwalk. So San Diego is never boring for us. So much to do! This past weekend was a real treat since Josh's band was competing in a wind band festival just 50 miles north of San Diego. He decided that after the festival he would take the band to play on the USS Midway, which was amazing. To tour such a grand vessel was just so cool! I love stuff like that. You get to see what it is like for sailors to live on ships like that and you get a history of the navy throughout the tour. That was very neat. After the tour the band played on top of the ship. The weather was gorgeous and the concert was very fun. Then we ate lunch at Sea Port village (one of our favs) and then finished the day out at Sea World. I was very excited to see how Madelyn would respond to the animals. However, when we got there she was taking her nap. So it wasn't until the star fish that we got to see her interact. I think she liked the moss on the side of the rocks more than the star fish. She was very interested in the dolphins swimming around though. I about lost all feeling in my knees as I had to bend down for her to see them underwater. We went from there to see the dogs and cats perform in Pet's Rule. I thought for sure this would be her favorite show. She loves dogs and cats! However, with all the little kids (and mommy) yelling for her favorite dog she just lost it. She does not like being startled (like mommy) so as soon as people started screaming she cried like someone was beating her. The water works and sobs just wouldn't stop. I felt so sad for her. Good thing we were off to the penguins after that. She loved them! She also really enjoyed the night time shows of the sea lions, but she slept through the Shamu show. It was a really fun weekend!

Here are some pictures from our trip. Again, there are not too many since our camera is being so funky. But we hope you enjoy the ones we have!

And here is some footage from Ella and Miss M's play-date. One of her favorite things to do right now, "So Big".


Jakester Thigh (Pronounced "Tee") said...

SO BIG (and so awesome)! GREAT photos!!

The Richardson's said...

love the piggies in M's hair...cuteness

The Vehons said...

Look at those pigtails! Stinkin' cute!

Majorek Family said...

Yes those pigtails are just adorable!!

We love San Diego too, it's such a great place to getaway and Sea World is my fav! Glad you had a great time! Miss M is just darling :o)

The Boones said...

How fun! San Diego is one of our favorite places too!