Thursday, March 3, 2011

My "little" Girl- the past three months

It has been WAY too long since I have last posted. I have been the worst blogger mommy the past three months. I am so sorry M (and those of you who actually follow this blog. Ha!) But here is a well, not so brief update.


December flew by. Between my clients and Josh's band competing in the Fiesta Bowl, we ended 2010 with our heads in a fog. Promising each other that we won't do that again next December since we barely got to enjoy Christmas. Good thing Josh's parents and grandparents came to visit so we had a reason/excuse to not work as hard. We had a ton of fun with them. We went to the band competition, the boys went to the Insight Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, and the girls went shopping. Most of all we just hung out as a family It was fun! Here are some pictures of the visit.

Here is M opening her first gift on Christmas Eve:

And here is M kissing grandpa:


Start to a new year. Life is good!

For Ari's birthday, we took her to As You Wish to paint pottery. She is a VERY good artist. So this was the perfect gift. While there Madelyn got to paint her birthday plate. Now she has a special plate to eat her cake off of every year!

My little vocalist:

Being a goof ball:


Well, you already know we started February with a new niece. That was super exciting. We are actually flying to see her next week. Yay!! M said Tayten almost immediately. But of course I couldn't get it on video. So here she is kissing and saying hi to her.

I was also trilled when M put her shoes on for the first time all be herself. Again, this never happens on video. But this was pretty funny. Warning: nudity.

And her all time most annoying/most promising thing to do, play piano.

And some pics.

Well, that's the last three months in a nutshell. I feel like our little girl is growing up so fast. And she is so much fun to be around. I guess I am just loving being with her more than blogging. Yep. I can blame it on that. :o)


The Richardson's said...

Glad you have finally caught us all up!!

I am even more sad about your being busy because I have not seen you in forever...

I love the videos and the pictures. Matthew will love them too- he always asks for his friend M!

Jakester Thigh (Pronounced "Tee") said...

So great! Wonderful update! Tayten loves M too!!

Julia Z. said...

Great pics and video!!!

Hope to see you soon! :-)