Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Stuff!!

So for a couple of weeks my pregnancy calendar has said that the dad should be able to feel the baby. Unfortunately my baby's daddy falls asleep when he gets home waiting for the baby to kick. So the whole process of having him feel her has been very frustrating to me.

Typically we would be sitting on the couch after dinner and she would start to do whatever it is she does. I would grab Josh's hand. She would stop moving. Then, after about five minutes, it would be like a miniature explosion just occurred in my belly following by some rolling movements. I would say, "Did you feel that?", turn around, and Josh would be sleeping. I tried not to take it personally, but I really started to think he didn't care about feeling her. I seriously sat there for hours when I first started feeling her with my hands on my belly. I just thought it was the coolest. Apparently this does not translate to men. However, this week we have had a major breakthrough in this area. Josh can feel her and, as of tonight, see her moving!!!

We were sitting in bed on Monday and he was wide awake watching Sports Center. Note to men: if you are awake enough to annoy your wife by watching ESPN in bed, you are awake enough to wait five minutes to feel your unborn child. Anyway, Madelyn started moving like a mad woman. So I reached over and grabbed Josh's hand. I told him I was going to wait until he said he felt something (versus me saying "did you feel that" a million times and him saying "no"). After about two seconds he said, "I felt that." It was one of the happiest moments of my life, and his! Ever since he figured out he can actually feel her, he has been putting his hands on my belly every night. Usually after I eat is the best. I lay back on the couch and she goes to town from all the calories she has just ingested. It is really fun to see him feel her. Not so fun on the bladder I have decided.

So then tonight we were watching LOST and she was moving again. Maybe it was because LOST was so tense, but very night her movement gets more and more violent. Since Josh had Belle on his lap (very typical during TV watching in our house) it was hard for him to reach my belly. So I just kept my shirt up exposing my belly (again very typical during TV watching in our house because all my PJ shirts are too small) and all of a sudden I saw my belly do the wave. I turned to Josh and said that I think I can see her moving. So we watched as my belly was popping in and out, from side to side. So cool!! I hadn't even seen that before. I think because I was wearing black pants it was really distinct against the embarrassingly white stomach.

All that to say, we are moving forward with a healthy, and active bun in the oven. Fun stuff!!


Sarah said...

YEAH!! I really think that feeling babies move is the only and best part of being pregnant.

I remember the first time I felt Matthew and the first time Mark felt him move- the best memory. I also loved when I could see my belly the movie Alien right before the thing pops out, haha.

I did not ever get my belly movements on video so try to remember to do that once Madelyn gets bigger and really starts doing some somersaults!! I wish I had that.

Ahh, you made me all nostalgic for being pregnant...a hard thing to do for sure!!! (please, write a post about feeling like crap and not fitting into clothes so I can snap out of it!!!)

see you tomorrow

Mattie said...

Jenni, don't worry. It took Paul the longest time to feel Evan moving around too. We had many of the same events occur in our house of "Did you feel that?" and Paul replying "No." For the first few weeks Paul had to push in on my belly to feel it, but now that's the complete opposite. Like Sarah said, just wait till you feel like an alien is about to BURST out of your stomach. It's great!