Monday, April 6, 2009

Our 1st Baby Shower

The parents who hosted the great day (along with Tamara who was not able to make it, but still put a lot of work into it.)  

This past Saturday Josh and I (and Baby Madelyn) were blessed with an amazing baby shower that some of the booster parents threw for us.  We were completely overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and complete generosity of everyone who was involved.  We have waited and wanted this baby for three years.  Now that we are having her, all the fun things that go along with having a baby just make the process that much more, and real.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone, for everything!!!!  

We played a couple of number of games as a group.  One was a game where we had to guess the prices of about 15 baby items.  I was close being only 21 dollars off.  Josh however, was 55 dollars off.  It was funny how much he thought baby things would cost.  In another game we all had to finish nursery rhymes.  Again, I did pretty well.  Josh however answered the question: Mary had a little lamb whose ____ was white as snow, with the word "hair".  It was really cute!

Two of the games were just for Josh and I.

They gave us a bowl and a spoon.  We had to clean up the cotton balls only using the spoon, not our other hand.  The person with the most cotton balls won.  

Josh, realizing I might be winning, started cheating.  You can see how evenly distributed the cotton balls were until he started scooping all if them to his side.  That was great for him until I realized what he was doing.  Then it was on! 

They also blind folded us and made us guess what flavor baby food we were eating.  Neither of us were very good at this game.

We looked a little funny waiting for our food.

But even funnier when I started spitting out flavors like vegetable beef stew and macaroni and cheese.  YUCK!

It was a really fun day.  Thank you again to everyone for coming and showering us with so many things for Madelyn.  We really appreciate it!


Mattie said... looks like you guys had a blast! How great of the parents to throw a shower for you. Yay for presents!

The Boones said...

Yay!!! Looks like fun!!! =) You're having a girl! =) I was hoping you would! =) You'll be such great parents!