Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 months and Christmas!

Since I last blogged SO MUCH has happened.

December 19th: We visited Santa for the first time. She was not scared of him at all. In fact, she really didn't even care. The kid cracks me up!

December 20th: Madelyn ate her first "solid" food. She was given permission from the doctor to eat rice cereal. It was a hoot!

December 21st: Josh and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary. I am not sure what you are supposed to do for the seven year anniversary, and since I am still nursing we couldn't do anything overnight. So we recreated our first two dates and it was really fun! We went to Oregano's for dinner (date number 2) and then Golfland for goofy golfing (date number 1). One of the golf courses was so cute all lit up for Christmas. It was on that course that we saw a couple with two little girls just having a blast! It was a cute peak into our future. Cute until I realized Josh was schooling me...

December 23rd: We celebrated Christmas with my dad, step mom, brothers and sisters. Which meant they got to witness Madelyn opening her very first Christmas present.

After the celebration we went to church for the first three of seven services Josh and I were involved in. Josh played trumpet and trash cans (for a Little Drummer Boy piece) and I sang.

December 24th: We celebrated the birth of Christ (for the second day in a row) at the last four (of seven) Christmas Eve services at church. Josh's cousin Lyndsey, her husband Terry, and their little girl Addison were also in town visiting Terry's family. So we were blessed to see them.

December 25th: We celebrated Christmas with my mom, step dad, and sisters. We opened more presents, ate good food, watched Christmas Vacation, and decorated a very sassy gingerbread house.

December 26: We flew to Texas to celebrate the holidays with Josh's family. Madelyn was amazing on the flights. She pretty much ate, played with daddy and then slept. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Here are some highlights of our trip.

December 29th: Madelyn celebrated her 5 month birthday with a snow storm in Texas (see above). Here she is at home with her monthly signage. This is getting harder to take as she is becoming more obsessed with paper.

16 pounds 12 ounces (95th percentile for girls her age)

26 1/2 inches tall (off the chart!)

The top tens things we love about her this past month:

1. Starting to tri pod (sitting up by balancing weight on her hands).

2. Loves books!

3. Has a teething ring or paci in her hands at all times!

4. Is starting to cry when you leave the room.

5. gets to laughing really hard when you tickle her.

6. Eating her toes on a daily basis.

7. Moving from every 3 to every 4 hour feeding schedule.

8. Hair is getting so long it falls into her eyes when we wash it. Super cute!

9. Starting to hit buttons on toys that make noise.

10. Cries when she wakes up, but smile as soon as she sees me or Josh. Just melts your heart!

December 31st: We ushered in the new year with much thanks for 2009. God is so good!

Currently, we are recovering from all the craziness of the holidays. We are back to work, and trying to get Miss M back on a schedule. Tank you all for being part of our lives. Heres to a great 2010!! xoxoxo


Jakester Thigh (Pronounced "Tee") said...

Excellent! Great to be a part of it!! We love you three oh so much!

2010 Blessings,

Mairvin and Pals said...

You know what comes after solid foods right? Real poops. Watch out! :D

Mattie said...

Sounds like you guys had a very busy, yet exciting Christmas! I love the photo of Madelyn yelling with her mouth open, too.

The Richardson's said...

I like how Madelyn was pushing away your hand when you were feeding her the rice cereal. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

and hooray for big babies!! Matthew is always in 95% for weight and off the charts for height. (Don't you love how they just draw a little arrow on our charts?!) They are destined to be married already!!

yeah holidays!

Ashley Majorek said...

I loved the video of her eating, super cute! She'll grow, if not already, to love solids!! The boys love their cereal and other foods!!

Mrs Bic said...

Thanks for all your comments on my blog! Did you see that Jenná bought if for me!!! I'm SO excited!