Monday, June 13, 2011

Cruise 2011

I am naming this post "Cruise 2011" because I am going to go on more cruises. That is a fact! I had so much fun on this vacation that I am still pretty giddy just reliving moments, looking at pictures, telling friends. No joke, best vacation ever! And I have had some really cool vacations. There is just something about a cruise that really appealed to little 'ol me. First of all, everything is so laid back. And besides drinks, everything was paid for. So it was like no hassle, super easy vacation. And you can't go wrong visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I mean really? These islands are just magical... I am totally going back. And you should come with us. I am serious! You will thank me. Here are some highlights from our cruise vacation and then a slide show at the end. Enjoy!

Day 1:
Travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico
Read part one of the Hunger Games series. Amazing!
Watched "The Hangover" on the plane.
Loaded onto the ship, Serenade of the Seas. Explored a bit.
Got dressed for dinner with some fun new friends. Ron, Wendy, Wes and Karen from Houston and Mel and Mark from Melbourne, Australia. Our dinner mates the first night.

Day 2:
Spent the entire day at sea.
Got hot stone massages in the morning.
Laid by the pool, read some good reads, drank some good drinks.
Went to yoga class on the deck that overlooked the front of the ship. Very zen.
Laid out/read some more while Josh ran the outdoor track.
Got dressed for our first formal night on the ship.
Went to the Captain's Reception before dinner, danced a little.
Went to the musical show after dinner.

Day 3: Barbados
Went to Harrison's Cave
Saw monkeys and other animals at the Animal Preserve.
Ate a Barbados classic, flying fish, at a local restaurant.
Swam with sea turtles, and snorkeled a ship wreck. Josh touched the ship. Scary!
Went to another show before dinner.

Day 4: St. Lucia
Did a zip line tour of the rain forest canopy.
Visited a beautiful beach.
Shopped in town a bit.
Josh drank the local beer, Piton, named after the Piton Mountains. He liked it.
Saw a magic show before dinner.
Went to a dancing under the stars event after dinner. Danced our butts off!!
Ate at the midnight buffet after our dancing extravaganza.

Day 5: Antigua
Slept in. Yay!
Caught a taxi/tour for only 20 bucks with four other couples. One from Egypt on their honeymoon. Very cool people!
Visited all things revolving around Sir Horatio Nelson including the famed Nelson's Dockyard.
Spent the reaming afternoon at a local beach that had the cutest little hut cafe and staff. They are famous for having 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, but I liked this one.
Went to another show before dinner.
Participated in a game show after dinner.

Day 6: St. Maarten
Shopped in the morning for about an hour and then hung at the beach the rest of the day. Loved this chill day! And the beach was amazing! A quite find that a local told us about.
Second Formal Night
Went to a Love and Marriage Game Show that was really funny after dinner.

Day 7: St. Croix
Went on an ATV tour of the island.
Rested in the Solarium the rest of the day.
One last show and then off to bed.

Day 8: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Visited the Casa Blanca church and walked the wall that surrounded Old San Juan.
Traveled home...


Wendy said...

Ok, I've been on like 7 cruises and have never been to that many ports on one cruise! What cruise line did you take? Sounds like a glad you love it as much as I do! :)

Majorek Family said...

What an awesome vacation and well deserved!! I am so happy it was the best ever!

Rob's talked over the years about going on a cruise, by the looks of yours, we just may have to go now :o)

Mrs Bic said...

You look so beautiful and I'm so happy you had a great time

The Richardson's said...

So fun!! You look great too- I am jealous!!

Aaron and Jean said...

So happy for you guys! It's about time you got a honeymoon! We've gone back and forth about doing a cruise, but after the looks of yours, we definitely need to try it! Glad you had fun.