Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birth Class

One of the things that scares me most about having a baby is actually having the baby. So I was relieved when Josh and I finished our birth class. Being the avid reader that I am, I was feeling pretty educated on what you can do as far as birthing your child. However, it is much more of a reality when you have a nurse of 35 years teaching you all the things that can go wrong, and right, during the whole process. After the class I know one thing for sure, I do not want a c-section. That crap scares me! I have had friends and family members have them and my heart goes out to you. Finding out that the cut is just a small incision and they stretch the rest of you open with silver tongs was just enough info to make me want to gag. OUCH! No wonder it takes longer to recover. I also feel much more confident when it comes to the decision on whether to do it natural or with an epidural. I am a firm believer that to each their own, but I really wanted to make a decision that Josh and I were both comfortable and prepared for. I am just really glad we went to this class!

I want to thank my friend Kim, who got us registered for the course. We were able to do the class with her and husband which was nice. Brian and I were able to bond over feeling queasy during the epidural video, and we all were able to discuss the live birth video we watched right before the lunch break. Yummy!


Sarah said...

Glad you enjoyed the class! I thought it was very helpful as well and I was not scared at all when I went into labor. Knowledge is power, as they say!

Those videos are gross- it's so much better when it's you because it's not gross when you know you get to meet your baby after it's over!

Now the question is...are you having the epidural or a drug-free birth? Not like it matters to me, little Madelyn will come out cute as a button either way! Just curious!

The 4 Rohrers said...

I like the name. Especially the hyphenated middle name - very cute! Glad you seem to be feeling better as your pregnancy progresses!

Mattie said...

Cute name you two have selected!

Josh and Jenni said...

Thanks for the comments on the name. Josh and I both have grandmothers that we were very close with that have passed away. My Grandma Mackie passed away a year ago Thursday and her middle name was Ruth. Josh's grandma passed when he was a senior in high school and hers is Marie. So we thought, what better way to honor them and bless our little girl. I just pray she has some of their characteristics, because they were such amazing women! We are just sad they will never get to meet her, and she them.

Now to Sarah's question... that is a difficult answer. We have decided to forgo the epidural for a number of reasons, none of which is because I am against the epidural. Shoot me sister is due any minute now and she is almost wanting a c-section if this baby doesn't come soon. But you know me, I could care less what other people decide to do. As long as they aren't smoking crack or something, I am cool!