Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tomorrow's Baby News

So for the record, I do not go into my appointment until 4:30.  Josh is going to meet me there and then hopefully we will celebrate afterwards.  So don't hate me if I do not post immediately.  I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

4:30 is FOREVER...ok well at least include us in your mass text messgae you will be sending out :)

(p.s. if you hadn't planned on sending a mass text message, you need to!) You can post pics later and I promise to still visit your blog tomorrow night and comment about the news)

Have fun trying to sleep tonight and not going crazy tomorrow. If you need to go shopping or go to lunch to get your mind off of it- call me because I am free!

Aaron and Jean said...

Oh, I am so sorry, that is way too long to wait. Thankfully my appointment was around 9am, that was hard enough waiting for that. But you are going to have so much fun, enjoy every minute of it! I will be waiting for the big news!

Anne LoGrasso said...

How funny, our ultrasound is the same day too!!! So crazy that our due dates are almost identical too! Love you!