Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun stuff!

Yesterday Josh and I met my mom, Regan, Mackie, Mike, Arianna, and Michael at the Renaissance Festival for a day of fun!  I hadn't been to the Renaissance Festival since I was a junior in high school and Josh had never been to the one in Arizona.  Plus, with how amazing the weather has been, Josh and I have been in the mood to do things outdoors lately.  This was first on our list.  To follow during Spring Break: the zoo, the botanical gardens, and maybe even a bike ride or picnic at the park.

Here are some pictures:

Josh wanted to do this jumping trampoline thing (to which we all started reminiscing about the first time Josh came over to my parent's house and went right through the tramp in their yard) but he didn't want to do it without the kids.  So all three of them went at the same time.  It was pretty funny.

Michael was scared to death the entire time.  He didn't smile, didn't react, just had this terrified look on his face the entire time.  But as soon as he was off he said, "I want to do it again."
Ari was so cute.  She screamed/giggled the entire time.  And this face is priceless!!
And the one ting Josh wanted to do the whole time was flip.  He was eventually successful with one at a time.  But when he tried to do a double flip, he came down straight on his head.  I about peed my pants, but he pulled out of it okay.  In all, he got a good work out and a memory.  

Mom and Ari

Josh and I waiting for the joust in the shade!  Good thing there was wind.  It was warm!  

The funniest part of the day was when I got picked for the Tortuga Twins show.  If you have ever been to the Renaissance, this show, along with the Dead Bob show, are a little off color, but hilarious!  This particular show was a re-telling of Robin Hood.  I was chosen to play the princess that was being fought over between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Sherwood Forest.  When they came off the stage to grab me, the line was "She was beautiful and virginal."  To which I pulled my dress to show my belly.  The whole audience, including the guy who was taking me to the stage, started laughing.  In all the story was pretty funny, but I enjoyed watching Ari cover her eyes every time she got embarrassed for me.  Josh wasn't too happy, but he thought it was funny (until the one guy grabbed my butt and the other guy put my hand on his butt.)  How do I always get myself chosen for these things???   

Finally, we wanted a picture of all the girls (Ella included, who knows what Baby Thye is) but this guy kept getting into the picture.  Oh well.  We were at the Renaissance Festival.  People are weird!  From the left: Mackie, Weirdo Guy, Mom, Me, Ari,  and Regan (with Ella ready to come out any day now).

The other thing that was really exciting about yesterday is it marked the week we find out what our baby is, boy or girl.  So far 62% of you think girl and 48% say boy.  That is not enough to make me think one way or the other, but I will find out soon!  I seriously could hardly sleep last night when I realized that it was this Thursday!  I woke up this morning thinking about it.  I have a feeling it will be a BLAST when we find out, whatever Baby is.

I also was reading what my baby was doing this week and I got to crying.  Surprise, surprise...  Not only is the baby 8 ounces big and 6 inches long, it said that the baby can hear me.  So I need to read to it or sing it a song.  It just so happened that I was singing my worship team stuff while reading this on the computer and the baby was moving like crazy.  I just lost it.  I think our baby likes music.  Yay!!  


Sarah said...

Fun times for sure. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts, haha. Then you will have a cute, adorable anchor that holds you down. (of course it's worth it and all- just being honest, that sometimes I miss the spontaneous life I once had.)

I so want to go to the zoo too. That sounds fun.

And so excited for you to find out on Thursday! It's a girl for sure...weren't you thinking about the name Ella for a girl? Maybe you were telling me about your sis, but I could have sworn you were thinking about it for you..either way, so cute!

Sarah said...

also- did some guy really grab your butt?!!

Remind me never to go to that show, haha!

Joanna said...

Wow! That's awesome about your baby's progress! We're all excited for you, too! That pink dress looks awesome on you, by the way. ;)

Aaron and Jean said...

I couldn't sleep the night before our ultrasound either! Thankfully, our appointment was right in the morning and I didn't have to wait long. Can't wait to find out what flavor. Definitely sing to that baby, you have a beautiful voice. I wish I could sing like you. Anyway, you look amazing and you will love your next appointment so have fun!

Josh and Jenni said...

Yes! The blonde guy grabbed my butt. I was actually not even noticing what was going on until he put my hand on his butt. Crazy!

I would love to go to the zoo sometime. Just let me know. I love the zoo!

And yes, Josh and I loved the name Ella until it got really popular. I guess with a name like Jennifer, you tend to stay away from really popular trends. But we will not be naming our child something wierd either.

Thanks Joanna! I think the pink is why I got picked for the princess role. :o)

Jeanie, I will keep you posted. Maybe we can even hang out one of these days...

Tigo and Emily said...

Looks like fun!! You are such a cute little pregnant person.:) And I second the thought on the pink dress, super cute!