Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Having a GIRL!!!

A 3D shot of our baby girl.

After a much anticipated wait, Josh and I found out that we are going to be proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Before today everyone kept asking us what we wanted. I can say without even a hint of a lie that we both really didn't care. All we wanted was a child who was healthy and happy (followed the Lord, never talked back, smiled, hugged us everyday even if they were a teenager, cleaned their room, brushed their teeth, harbored many talents, got straight A's, hung out with the right crowd, went to college, married a nice person, and had beautiful babies of their own). You know, normal things. :o) Anyway, when we saw it was a girl Josh cracked me up. We were watching the ultra sound on the flat screen and Josh literally stood up and said, "I think I see that it is a girl." The technician confirmed that suspecion and after a little cry from the two of us Josh said, "What am I going to do when she is in high school?" True story, but still not my first thought. Anyway, it has been an emotional day and I am finally exhausted after not really sleeping all week. Plus my stomach really is sore after such a difficult ultra sound. Our daughter is quite the mover. It took over an hour to get all the shots the doctors needed, not to mention I wanted a profile shot that she certainly did not want to give. And don't even get me started on finding those three little lines. I swear I was in four different positions before the end of it. She must be shy, or stubborn... Anyway, enjoy the great pictures. I can't wait to meet her!

Another 3D shot of her face. They are a little weird I know. But they are also super cool!

This is the profile shot we waited so long for. You can see her tiny white nose on the right and her bulging belly (like mommy) on the left.

This one is cool, but harder to see. She is actually yawning. She did this the entire time. I wasn't aware that we were boring her already. Anyway, the arrow is pointing to her nose and right under that is her cute little yawn.

And here is our little thumb sucker. Yay! You can see her fingertips in white, right below her nose located pretty much right in the middle.

This one is creepy. I can even admit it. But it is of her eye ball and rib cage. Nice to know she has them developed, but strange pic.

And here is a close up (which she was definitely not ready for). Her little lips are parted just slightly, sucking in all that amniotic fluid I guess. I can't wait to kiss those tiny little lips!!!

I love this little foot shot. Adorable!

Here is her leg. Let's pray she has daddy's legs and not mommy's thunder thighs.

And of course my daughter is a cool chick. She flashed Grandpa Greg the peace sign (taking him back to his Grateful Dead days I guess.)

And last but not least, the evidence. Those three little lines that make up the you know what. You can also see her knobby knee on top and thigh bone on bottom.

I can't wait to clothe that little patooty in ruffly butt pants and super girly dresses!!


Sarah said...

OMG So cute! My first thought when you told us it was a girl was- I can't wait to buy ruffley butt pants!! (Pretty sure Matthew would not appreciate them)

You are gonna love a girl- don't worry about high school, just do what Chris Evans says he is going to do...have Josh meet her dates at the door holding a shotgun, haha.

Well, I am excited for you guys. Matthew will love having a little girlfriend for sure. And...I must say it because I have psychic pregnancy abilities...I was right!

Jen said...

Awesome pictures! Girls are so much fun. :o) I'm sure boys are too but girls have so many more cute clothes!!! Congrats! And happy half way point. The second half goes faster as you start preparing for the big day. :o)

Mairvin and Pals said...

I have to admit, I voted girl at least seven times. I see all these cute dresses at the store and have no one to buy them for, but now I do! You're going to be swimming in ruffle butts.

Jen said...

FYI - here is an awesome website for great baby deals and reviews on baby stuff. It has come in handy multiple times for us. Thought you might want to take a look!

Julia Z. said...

We're so excited for you guys! Baby T and Ava will be BFFs!

Aaron and Jean said...

Hooray, another girl!!! Our kiddos will be buddies...they could even be sharing the same birthday! I love the pictures, sounds like you had a very special time at he doctor, congrats! Call me soon. :0)

K. D. said...

aww, yeay! I KNEW it, i just KNEW you'd have a girl! You two just have too much cuteness, i knew God would give you a girl so that none of the cuteness would go to waste. Not that i don't think boys are cute, too, i mean i have one and i think he's pretty cute. But you get it.

Mattie said...

YAY! Congrats, Josh and Jenny!

Kyra said...

Congratulations! Those are such great pictures. Girls are a blast. Boys are too....KIDS are a blast! We are so excited for you and hope to meet her someday soon! YAY!

Anne LoGrasso said...

CONGRATS!!! Girls are just so fun, and yes the clothes are way better!

The Williams said...

Congrats from me and Ricky too!!

Majorek Family said...

Yeah, so exciting!! That first picture of her is just so cute! Can't wait to meet her :o)