Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I hate...

Things I hate about being pregnant (so far):
- sharp cramps (thought those were gone for at least nine months, heck no!)
- no more hummus (believe me)
- overall irritation with almost everyone (especially other drivers and my wonderful husband)
- not being able to eat during the day and getting sick when I pig out at night
- not being able to stay awake during the day and then having insomnia at night (even though I have taken no naps!)
- feeling like the days go by so slow...
- realizing maternity clothes are ugly and way too overpriced
- not remembering anything exactly right (which I am really good at usually)
- not being able to button my pants when I am sitting down (even though my baby is the size of an orange seed)
- feeling like a complete idiot, all the time

And I am sure the list goes on. More, hopefully happier, news tomorrow...


Julia Z. said...

Hang in there! It will get better. Sorry about the hummus thing too - I was just starting to really like it! :-)

Jakester said...

You can make it, Jenni, I KNOW you can! Thank God for these ups and downs - they will only make you STRONGER! You can fight this...YOU ARE SO STRONG!!! I know that there is NOTHING I can say to change how you feel right now(or are going to feel), except we are PRAYING for you and that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Focus on the good news - you are PREGNANT! Whoo hoo! Lastly, try not to yell at Josh too much, although he ALWAYS derserves it! :) Love ya, girl! If you need to punch me or something when I am there, you certainly can! LET IT ALL OUT! ;)

Jen said...

Maternity clothes - don't worry about them! I wore large size women's clothes and I loved them because they didn't look like a tent on me, like some of the maternity shirts do. The pants are a must and are so much more comfortable once you accept the fact that you can't fit into your jeans any more. I loved Old Navy's (at the US60 and Stapley) maternity stuff - not too overpriced. I would totally let you borrow my clothes except I already lent them out to my friend Julia who's due in March. I'm so excited for you guys!!!