Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good and Bad

So even though my baby is the size of a pea (my "little sweet pea" according to What To Expect...)  I am finding that my clothes are no longer fitting.  Mostly the pants and bras.  And since this is a family friendly blog, we will only talk about the pants. ;o)  This was extremely disheartening at first.  To realize that you have nine long months ahead of you, and your pants are already paging SOS as you try to put them on in the morning.  But the good thing about being pregnant is you do not have to zip up your pants, and it is entirely socially acceptable!!   Isn't that great?  Thanks to my good friends, who have already been down this road, I have been introduced to the Bella Band.  It is a tube top looking things that you can place over the unbuttoned pant regain and voila, preggo pants (even if only a little bit preggie), but cuter.  I have just started to love my wardrobe again... 

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