Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some more goodies!

Well this carrying a little life just gets better and better, in some ways.  Although I have discovered that throwing up in the kitchen sink is much easier than the toilet (for a number of reasons), I have also discovered that other people are as excited about our baby as we are.  Yesterday I got the cutest little booties from one of my favorite families, the Fosters.  Former DV family, and current Imoni Events family, they are just so dang sweet.  While in Texas over Thanksgiving, since they are the biggest Texas fans I know, they visited the fan shop and just couldn't resist.  I have to admit, I don't mind.   This will be a great way to impress the Texas Thyes when we show off the little one(s) eventually.  Thanks ladies!  I love them. :o)   


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Tigo and Emily said...

So cute!! Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow after your visit to the doctor!!