Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here we go again...

And believe me we will never get bored of it. 

We went for another ultrasound today and Baby Thye is perfect! The little heart beat has sped up a little to around 176 beats per minute and the length measured at 36mm. I can feel it growing every time I feel a cramp on that side, which is really cool. What was most fun today though was we were able to see what actually resembles a baby, not a blob or tadpole.  If you look closely on the left hand side you can see the head (which is the biggest part of the baby right now). Then right below is the heart beat. You can see it flashing slightly. Then the best part, hands!! They are to the side of the heart beat. Before the camera was rolling Baby was shaking them uncontrollably, only as if to say, "Hi mommy and daddy."  Then as soon as we had our excitement, Baby settled down to be photographed and measured. Good little one. But daddy kept trying to get the hands waving, since that was hilarious and so cute. One thing you can't see on the video are eye sockets. Yep, this baby will have eyes! Hopefully big and blue with amazing lashes like daddy. At least that is what I am hoping for. Thank you for all your continued prayers and take a look at this amazing Christmas miracle.



Mairvin and Pals said...

I hope its eyes have a crazy brown patch! Are you going to wait and be surprised with the sex or are you done with waiting? ;)

Mrs Bic said...

Already a beautiful little baby! I'll bet 100 dollars that you are NOT waiting to find out the sex!