Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So the past few days have been fun.  We hopped on a plane on Friday to Texas only to get into a car and drive to Kansas to visit some of Josh's family up there.  I had a blast!  I had never been to Kansas first of all, and it was so much fun to see the fam up there.  While there we did a historical tour of all the places Josh has lived.  We started in Olathe and went to three of the four Kansas houses.  That night we went out to eat with Denny, Diana, Doug, Chanda, Lyndsey, Terry, Kole, and of course the four of us.  The next day we went to downtown Kansas City and visited UMKC where Dave got his advanced degrees and then to the Plaza where we saw the cutest light display.  We also went to Union Station where we saw this huge train and Christmas display.  It was really something.  It was to Doug and Chanda's to stay the night after that.  We played cards until 2:00 am but we had a blast, so it was worth it.  On our way back we stopped in Wichita where Josh had the fondest memories.  So that was really fun.  We saw his school's, the tree he ran into impressing a girl, the fields he played soccer in, the zoo he never shuts up about, the house he made lots of memories (and trouble) in, talked to the current owner who was a little freaked by our spying, and the church he went to.  It was quite a trip.   The only down side was my nausea.  Apparently our little one doesn't like the car as much as daddy.  Oh, and we learned that grapes and anything grape flavored is a bad idea.  Ask the girl in Dick's who watched me cry as I wiped throw up off my shirt.  Yikes!  Anyway, we are back in Texas now, and are looking forward to seeing all the family here.  Happy New Year!    

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Tigo and Emily said...

Glad you guys are having fun!! Hope you have a fun New Year's. See you soon!