Thursday, December 18, 2008

I miss my hubby!

So Josh left on Tuesday for the Midwest Music Conference in Chicago. I think I have cried myself to sleep every night since he left (but I am pretty sure it is the hormones and I am not that big of a baby.) Anyway, I do miss him. He flew out on Tuesday. You know. The day the whole country was under storms and Chicago runways were covered in ice. Yeah that was good for me to know sitting at home worried to death! Everything changes when you are expecting. I even drive differently, like totally grandma style. I think I even cower at people if they are driving 5 over the speed limit. I am scared of everything lately. So as I watch the news and see that Chicago is getting more and more snow everyday, the thought of my husband flying home just seems like a far off reality. I feel like he will never come home. And then I don't want him to come home because I don't want him dying in a flight. It is just so frustrating, and scary. But I am kind of getting used to living in fear. I am scared of everything now a days.

On another note, I have discovered a couple of other things (besides being a complete fraidy-cat) I am not loving about pregnancyville:
- Fruit roll ups and mac and cheese combo (but I thought they sounded good...)
- Plugged up nose, runny nose, nose issues period! (this doesn't help the tummy either)
- And constipation (seriously if anyone has suggestions I am open, YIKES!)

Things I loved about pregnancy:
- Wearing big clothes
- Feeling my baby grow, daily (I never thought I would love cramps so much!)
- Having my cats lay on my stomach every time I am sitting (they know...)
- Thinking of baby names, texting them back and forth with my hubby (he has had some weird ones though)
- Reading everything I can find (maybe that is why I am scared though. I think I might cut back)

Anyway, I am off to bed. Pray for me tomorrow as Friday night alone will feel very sad. And pray for Josh's safety home on Saturday. Thanks!

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Aaron and Jean said...

I am right there with you on everything! For constipation, get some Benefiber. It's odorless, tasteless and dissolves so it isn't likely it will make you throw up. I noticed a difference within a day. Don't wait!!!