Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Thye visits the OB

So, I have been so sick this week that I haven't even had time to blog about a very important decision. We have chosen an OB. Actually I am just going to my regular OB. For those of you who do not know, Josh and I were debating going to a new OB so we can delivery at the new hospital by our house. However, after researching ratings and talking to other moms/nurses/medical supply salespeople I found out I am actually in the best position I can be right now with my regular OB/GYN. Dr. Seymann (yes, gets your giggles out now because I am sure you will hear his name multiple times in this blog over the next 6 months :o) is ranked one of the highest OBs in the Valley. He is on the Top Docs list all the time. And every person who is involved in the medical industry tells me he is "Oh my gosh, so good!". And then the hospital, which is the same hospital I was born at, is ranked number three in the Valley, with a NICU ranked number one. So I am feeling pretty good about it. Plus, when I called to make an appointment they all remembered who I was and when I said I was pregnant, every gal in the office was excited and congratulating me. It was really cute! So Josh and I went to the Doctor on Wednesday. We got to hear the heartbeat again too, which never gets old, and it was healthy and strong. Unfortunately, my ultrasounds have come to a halt. I won't get another one of those until they determine the sex, which is the end of February. So the plus side is I am not considered as high of a risk as I thought, yay! But I do not get ultrasounds every other week now, bummer! Oh well, at least I get to work out a little now. At the doctor's office I had only gained two more pounds, putting me at 4 pounds total. But my clothes are getting a little bit snug. Annoying! I would take some belly pics, but right now I just look chubby. The best part are my boobs, and I am not showing those on the blog. Oh well. So until my tummy gets preggo and cute, no pics. On a happy note, I did get a 120 dollar maternity top yesterday for 20 dollars. Yay! And yay for getting a doctor that we trust with our little one!!


Sarah Richardson said...

What's up its Sarah...don't go too crazy about working out. You look GREAT!!! Seems like you are with me when you find good deals on maternity clothes, online or in store so any time you need some more clothing- give me a call!! Glad you choose your doctor and are excited and comfortable with him- that is so important and you will be destined to have a great birthing experience as Mark and I did! See you soon!

Aaron and Jean said...

I don't feel cute either, I feel chubby just like you. I put the picture up mostly for myself so I can document my progress. So glad you found a great doctor, that alleviated a lot of the stress for me once I made that decision. Let's meet up again and do some shopping, I don't think my clothes are going to make it much longer. :0)

V said...

I told you not to pray for sickness! :) Don't worry, this too will pass. I still have bad days but at 14 weeks it definately wasn't even on the same playing field as before. I'm glad you picked your doctor and you guys are excited! :) He sounds wonderful and the office caring about you is a big deal. I don't know when the in-between clothes thing will pass. I'm 18 weeks on Tuesday and just finally have a definate pooch but would look ridiculous in the full-out maternity clothes. I found these shirts at Ross that I love that are the brand Tween. It's bigger in the belly so that you don't hug what seems to be complete chub-chub but it is in-between the regular shirts and maternity so you don't feel ridiculous either. BTW, Brian and I bought a heart doppler that we are having a lot of fun with. Let me know if you want to use it! :)It makes the time between appointments not seem so long. See you in a few hours! Kim V.