Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to Puke House

Belle must be jealous of me. After a couple months of her watching me loose my breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, whatever, she has decided she wants to be sick too. Unfortunately it has made life not so fun over the past couple of days. Josh and I came home to a horrible smell in the living room and then realized it in the bedroom as well. I was up until 2:00am cleaning all the linens and couch cushions. I am so terrified of pet smells that I think Josh and I might be high from the cleaning fumes. Never the less, I did take her to the vet yesterday and she has an enlarged kidney on the right side. it is almost the size it is supposed to be and they think it has ceased to function regularly as a result of the inflammation. So, in order to avoid major vet bills, we decided to give her an antibiotic to get rid of the infection, hopefully... But I cam home today to a couple more piles of kitty goodness. I am so sad for her because I can't figure out what to do to make her better. Even taking her to the vet was traumatic. She hates the car and clung to me the entire ride there and back, crying out every second. Then I had to leave her at the vet for blood and urine samples, for FIVE HOURS. She was so messed up and scared when I came to get her that the vet had to let me in the back to get her out of the cage. She just hissed at everyone else, then when I showed face she just started crying. So then I was a mess! As I drove home I thought, maybe this is God preparing me for taking care of a child. To which I decided that I am going to let Josh take care of the kids when they are sick, because I am just not strong enough. I even cried when they were examining her. She looked at me with those big, sad eyes and I could almost hear her say, "What are you letting them do to me?" Good gracious! What am I going to do when this happens with a screaming baby???? I am not ready for that. I guess I have six months to prepare. Pray for me!


Mrs Bic said...

Oh Goodness! But, it probably IS God preparing you. As I read about Belle, all I could think of was how my Gwen acts when I leave her!

Sarah Richardson said...

Oh my gooodness! I am sorry but I do not think you can prepare for when they do things to your kids. Hope that you have a girl because circumcision day was the worst day of my life!!! It is the saddest thing ever. Somehow you get through it though. Hope your kitty is alright. Maybe see you Sunday for the game?!

Mairvin and Pals said...

I think you'll find that you very much want to be there when your child is ill. It's that protective lioness thing and knowing you, I'm pretty sure it will kick in the first time you hear that baby cry, if not before.