Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A nice little laugh to have.

So I have not been blogging lately as I have been having an even harder time just keeping up with daily tasks, work mainly. I am hoping this sickness is going to end soon since it is getting really annoying and very uncomfortable. Yesterday I couldn't keep down anything, and I mean anything!! I threw up at least five times before I decided the baby doesn't like food and I just need to sleep to forget the pains. My poor husband came home to a wife, barely showered and dressed, on the couch, with no chores being completed, wanting him to fix it. Finally a time I want him to fix my problems and he barely can. Nevertheless he did go to the doctor for me (since I couldn;t get up). Hopefully doc will know what to do. Today is a little bit better, but I just want it to be over with!! My mom is no help (sorry mommy) when she says she was sick the entire nine months. Some with my sisters. So I am trying not to be discouraged.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog was to share my little glimpse of happiness I got today. My friend Mairi, whom I love dearly since she has the best perspective on everything, sent me the following email:

I know you've been feeling crappy and being pregnant can be overwhelming, so I decided to help you out, shoulder some of your burden, and name your baby for you. You can thank me later.

I thought of these stellar names while being pummeled at 4 in the morning by an angry baby with an ear infection. Don't worry, this will never happen to you. Your baby will be a perfect angel and never cause you any distress.

You may choose from the following four (see how gracious I am?):

*These are best when read aloud*

1. It has long been a trend to co-opt male names and repurpose them for girls and I thought you might want to be the first to flip the script. This name would also teach your son a valuable life lesson:
Hugh Millicent Thye or "Hugh Millie Thye"

2. People have also become enamored of ethnic names and names commemorating fallen heroes and idols. I've combined the two in a strong masculine name immortalizing Tupac:
"Shakur Boo Thye"

3. For a girl, we don't want to get too silly. There are soooo many beautiful girls names out there, it can be hard to choose, so in the tradition of Catholics I've just used as many as I felt like using. The result is a moniker that I feel all young girls would love to carry around, maybe emblazoned on a small purse:
Louisa Ophelia Kitt Thye or "L. O. Kitt Thye"

4. Finally, you two strike me as a nautical pair (just go with me on this one). I've designed a girl's name that would be best when called out across the deck of a sailboat to warn her of a swinging boom or crashing wave:
Regatta May Thye or "R. May Thye"

So there you are, the hardest part of being a parent, naming your child, all taken care of. Now you can put up your cankles, crack open some Ben and Jerry's and relax. The rest is smooth sailing.


P.S. I also think you should change the name of your blog to : Thye Time or High Thye. Your name is fun.

And although I do not love the names, I love Mairi!!! Thanks for making me smile!


Sarah Richardson said...

SO FUNNY! You do have a fun name for sure. I would say you are right to pass on naming your kids any of those names but good for a smile when you are puking your brains out! Feel better, or maybe small goals, like only throw up 4 times today. Sorry :) trying to be funny too, but not as good at it!

Jen said...

That just made me smile and laugh! What a great friend (and writer)! I'm praying for you and hope your morning sickness goes away soon!

The 4 Rohrers said...

All I have to say is, "AWESOME!"