Monday, January 26, 2009

I crack myself up sometimes...

So today I hit an all new low.  I seriously reflected on what was going on in my life and I have not stopped laughing.  Wow, how mommyhood changes you.

So I woke up today feeling very optimistic.  I am fourteen weeks and should be feeling less nauseated.  Which was nice since I took my last anti-nausea pill last night.  However, that was not the case.  I was actually feeling pretty bad at 3 o'clock in the morning, with no relief in sight.  Finally at about 2:30 in the afternoon I called my doctor and asked him to call in another prescription for me to pickup.  Still in my high water sweats, tight belly shirt, oversized cardigan that was too uncomfortable to button, and ankle socks, I decided to take a nap before getting up and running to the pharmacy.  Belle decided to join me.  And wouldn't you know, she likes to sleep on my tummy.  Great!   So an uncomfortable 45 minutes later I decided to just get up and drive through Walgreens so I didn't have to get dressed.  Now let me reiterate.  I usually do not even take out the garbage without a cute outfit on.  So, the fact that I even put together this ensemble and left the house in it (no shoes even) just cracked me up.  I am still too decent to show pictures, but the story gets better...

As I drove into the Walgreens parking lot I realized that I had to pee.  Too bad there were seven, count them, seven cars in front of me.  And I didn't have shoes on.  So there I sat, crossing my legs every time I could put my car in park, waiting for my pills.  At last I got them and like any true drug addict I popped one right away, guzzling water that I shouldn't have.  But instead of going home to go to the bathroom, I knew I needed to get food.  Otherwise I would get home and have nothing to eat (the grocery store hasn't been my friend lately.)  So I took my beautiful self to the nearest Taco Bell to get some grub.  My mom ate it everyday when she was pregnant with me, and I turned out fine.  But while I was sitting in the line waiting for food (remember no shoes :o) I saw this family that made me burst into tears.  The mom was blonde.  The dad was blonde.  They had four kids.  One had obviously just gotten off basketball practice the other two were twins and the mom was carrying the little baby.  I don;t know what it was but I just lost it.  I saw my future and I just couldn't wait to be that family, instead of my pathetic self in the car, no make up on, popping pills so I didn't throw up on myself.  

So I got my food and sat in the parking lot crying my eyes out, until I just started laughing hysterically!  I am just a mess.  But I thought I would share it with you since it really did turn out being pretty funny. :o)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Belly Time

Last night Josh and I decided that it might be good to start taking some belly pictures.  My tummy has already changed so much (along with the rest of my body) that I should have started right away.  Nevertheless, it was quite the adventure.  Josh kept saying I looked too awkward in the pictures.  I kept telling him I was uncomfortable that I was showing the world a belly that really just looked fat and not preggo.  Then he said my belly was beautiful and I should be happy.  To that I got frustrated and said I was very happy, just not sure I wanted to take the pictures.  To which he agreed that if I didn't want to take them then we shouldn't.  But then I really wanted the documentation.  So he said to just get over there and take the pictures.  Did I mention that this all came right after he said, "Are you taking these in your baggy sweatpants. " Umm, yeah!  Do I fit in anything else?  I just can't wait until I am huge in the 120 degree weather and wanting to wear practically nothing. It is like that Friends episode where Rachel is going to the doctor, nine months pregnant, in the middle of summer and Ross says, "Do you want to change first?" I can only imagine that Josh will see that look Rachel gave Ross more times than he anticipates.  He is already off to a good start.  Fun stuff!

Anyway, here is the result of our fun night.   

And this is what Josh looked like after we were done taking numerous pictures. Oh babe!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Problem almost solved!

So I decided that instead of buying new pants right now, I will just start wearing maternity shirts. They are long enough for me to wear the Bella Band or not button them at all. So until I REALLY can't fit the pants over the hips/butt region, I am doing okay. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. :o)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping for pants, a NIGHTMARE!!

I am so discouraged. I went shopping for maternity pants today (since all mine are fighting for dear life as I peel them on in the morning) and ever pair was either too short or too tight in the hips/butt area. I know this is my "problem area" normally but I am usually able to dress just fine if I find the right clothes. However preggo pants are just not doing it for me. And for some reason I thought it would be easier to fit my body now that clothes are made huge. Nope. No go! If you have any suggestions let me know. I am trying to save some money and maybe that is the problem...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to Puke House

Belle must be jealous of me. After a couple months of her watching me loose my breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, whatever, she has decided she wants to be sick too. Unfortunately it has made life not so fun over the past couple of days. Josh and I came home to a horrible smell in the living room and then realized it in the bedroom as well. I was up until 2:00am cleaning all the linens and couch cushions. I am so terrified of pet smells that I think Josh and I might be high from the cleaning fumes. Never the less, I did take her to the vet yesterday and she has an enlarged kidney on the right side. it is almost the size it is supposed to be and they think it has ceased to function regularly as a result of the inflammation. So, in order to avoid major vet bills, we decided to give her an antibiotic to get rid of the infection, hopefully... But I cam home today to a couple more piles of kitty goodness. I am so sad for her because I can't figure out what to do to make her better. Even taking her to the vet was traumatic. She hates the car and clung to me the entire ride there and back, crying out every second. Then I had to leave her at the vet for blood and urine samples, for FIVE HOURS. She was so messed up and scared when I came to get her that the vet had to let me in the back to get her out of the cage. She just hissed at everyone else, then when I showed face she just started crying. So then I was a mess! As I drove home I thought, maybe this is God preparing me for taking care of a child. To which I decided that I am going to let Josh take care of the kids when they are sick, because I am just not strong enough. I even cried when they were examining her. She looked at me with those big, sad eyes and I could almost hear her say, "What are you letting them do to me?" Good gracious! What am I going to do when this happens with a screaming baby???? I am not ready for that. I guess I have six months to prepare. Pray for me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A nice little laugh to have.

So I have not been blogging lately as I have been having an even harder time just keeping up with daily tasks, work mainly. I am hoping this sickness is going to end soon since it is getting really annoying and very uncomfortable. Yesterday I couldn't keep down anything, and I mean anything!! I threw up at least five times before I decided the baby doesn't like food and I just need to sleep to forget the pains. My poor husband came home to a wife, barely showered and dressed, on the couch, with no chores being completed, wanting him to fix it. Finally a time I want him to fix my problems and he barely can. Nevertheless he did go to the doctor for me (since I couldn;t get up). Hopefully doc will know what to do. Today is a little bit better, but I just want it to be over with!! My mom is no help (sorry mommy) when she says she was sick the entire nine months. Some with my sisters. So I am trying not to be discouraged.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog was to share my little glimpse of happiness I got today. My friend Mairi, whom I love dearly since she has the best perspective on everything, sent me the following email:

I know you've been feeling crappy and being pregnant can be overwhelming, so I decided to help you out, shoulder some of your burden, and name your baby for you. You can thank me later.

I thought of these stellar names while being pummeled at 4 in the morning by an angry baby with an ear infection. Don't worry, this will never happen to you. Your baby will be a perfect angel and never cause you any distress.

You may choose from the following four (see how gracious I am?):

*These are best when read aloud*

1. It has long been a trend to co-opt male names and repurpose them for girls and I thought you might want to be the first to flip the script. This name would also teach your son a valuable life lesson:
Hugh Millicent Thye or "Hugh Millie Thye"

2. People have also become enamored of ethnic names and names commemorating fallen heroes and idols. I've combined the two in a strong masculine name immortalizing Tupac:
"Shakur Boo Thye"

3. For a girl, we don't want to get too silly. There are soooo many beautiful girls names out there, it can be hard to choose, so in the tradition of Catholics I've just used as many as I felt like using. The result is a moniker that I feel all young girls would love to carry around, maybe emblazoned on a small purse:
Louisa Ophelia Kitt Thye or "L. O. Kitt Thye"

4. Finally, you two strike me as a nautical pair (just go with me on this one). I've designed a girl's name that would be best when called out across the deck of a sailboat to warn her of a swinging boom or crashing wave:
Regatta May Thye or "R. May Thye"

So there you are, the hardest part of being a parent, naming your child, all taken care of. Now you can put up your cankles, crack open some Ben and Jerry's and relax. The rest is smooth sailing.


P.S. I also think you should change the name of your blog to : Thye Time or High Thye. Your name is fun.

And although I do not love the names, I love Mairi!!! Thanks for making me smile!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Thye visits the OB

So, I have been so sick this week that I haven't even had time to blog about a very important decision. We have chosen an OB. Actually I am just going to my regular OB. For those of you who do not know, Josh and I were debating going to a new OB so we can delivery at the new hospital by our house. However, after researching ratings and talking to other moms/nurses/medical supply salespeople I found out I am actually in the best position I can be right now with my regular OB/GYN. Dr. Seymann (yes, gets your giggles out now because I am sure you will hear his name multiple times in this blog over the next 6 months :o) is ranked one of the highest OBs in the Valley. He is on the Top Docs list all the time. And every person who is involved in the medical industry tells me he is "Oh my gosh, so good!". And then the hospital, which is the same hospital I was born at, is ranked number three in the Valley, with a NICU ranked number one. So I am feeling pretty good about it. Plus, when I called to make an appointment they all remembered who I was and when I said I was pregnant, every gal in the office was excited and congratulating me. It was really cute! So Josh and I went to the Doctor on Wednesday. We got to hear the heartbeat again too, which never gets old, and it was healthy and strong. Unfortunately, my ultrasounds have come to a halt. I won't get another one of those until they determine the sex, which is the end of February. So the plus side is I am not considered as high of a risk as I thought, yay! But I do not get ultrasounds every other week now, bummer! Oh well, at least I get to work out a little now. At the doctor's office I had only gained two more pounds, putting me at 4 pounds total. But my clothes are getting a little bit snug. Annoying! I would take some belly pics, but right now I just look chubby. The best part are my boobs, and I am not showing those on the blog. Oh well. So until my tummy gets preggo and cute, no pics. On a happy note, I did get a 120 dollar maternity top yesterday for 20 dollars. Yay! And yay for getting a doctor that we trust with our little one!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank goodness!

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention this!  Over the holidays the placenta finally formed, which means I do not have to take progesterone shots anymore.  Yay!!!!  Since they had to be intra- muscular, there was no way I could do them to myself.  Josh, and a few other poor souls, had to be my nurses. And I had to endure ore, numb butt for the past two months.  I am just really glad they are over with.  So I thought I would share.  Yay for placentas!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation part 2

So Josh and I are safely back in AZ and back to work. Sad... Anyway, I thought I would let you all know how the second part of our vacation went. Once we got to Texas things slowed down a lot. Thankfully! The boys got to golf while Cheri and I went to Babies R Us (for four hours). That was fun and overwhelming all at the same time.

Why is it that you see so many adorable baby things when you are not pregnant and then as soon as you are with child, nothing looks worth the overpriced tag they are asking for? I was bummed, but didn't let it permanently ruin my excitement. I just have to get more creative now. Back to the story...

That night we went to Cheesecake Factory with Jake, Hillary, Mom and Dad. Then we saw "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey. It was a great movie. I just wish the teenagers making out next to me would have watched it. They might have enjoyed it more than whatever they were doing...

The next day we sat around, watched a couple of movies and football games on TV, than that night we celebrated our traditional Thye family Christmas. Although having New Years and Christmas on the same day was a new one for us, we had a lot of fun. Cheri even made up a Deal or No Deal game to give us out gifts. It was fun! But I think Josh has some new additions to the rules for next year.

We finished our trip spending time with the rest of the Thye clan. We went to Springcreek BBQ, Hillary's favorite restaurant in Texas. And then went to Phil and Miekka's just to spend time with everyone. We played games (basketball and wii mostly), talked, and enjoyed being together.

The next day we flew home. Now here we are. Back at it, but really missing being on "break". Thanks to everyone who helped make Josh and I's trip so much fun. Hopefully I will get around to putting up pictures soon. :o)